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"Three times happy" (Harry fluff with Murphy)

Title: Three Times Happy.
Written for: Awanderingbard.
Happy Birthday.

Author: Keenir.
Fandom: The Dresden Files.
(Harry's POV)
Rating: PG13

Requested: I would like a story where something exceedingly happy and good happens to Harry and there are no consequences. Just good, happy fluff.

minor spoilers: "what about bob" (TV); "death masks" (book)

Characters/Pairing: Harry Dresden, Anna Murphy, The Archive, Connie Murphy, Bob, OFC,
1st Summary: How Harry Dresden got his jeep.
2nd Summary: Harry and Bob discuss the best present for Anna Murphy.
3rd Summary: Harry, Murphy, Anna, and Ivy play a game on Harry's birthday.

Note: I found the calendar woman in the book Folk Tales of China, but I don't recall if it gave a name to the woman or to the type of being she was.
Tags: books: death masks, fic, fic: pg-13, tv: what about bob
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